What it dew?!

I’m the founder of Swanging wit Big Yum originally beginning on blogger.com which you can see the old set up here.

I don’t know how many of all ya’ll would be interested in my life story, but I’m shoot the breeze a lil’ something so people can get to know me a bit better.

Born on the westside of Chicago, me and my twin brother, DeShaun Johnson, also known as “Xbox,” or “Minjin X,” always had crazy imaginations. Our creativity was supported by our Pops who taught us how to draw and play chess. Our pops also introduced us to comics as he had kept a suitcase collection.

As we got older, we kind of grew apart for awhile, him doing his own thing while I did mine. I drifted away from comic characters getting more excited about sports and soon southern rap. In 1996 we moved from Chicago to Grambling, Louisiana. I’m not going to follow it up with “Home of the Grambling State Tigers” because that’s corny. As a dude that live in the G-town since eigth grade, I bleed more than black and gold–I got all the Gram fam with me.

Graduated from Grambling High and GSU with a BA in Mass Comm., I had plans on getting into PR(Public Relations). But my movements were slow. Basically I couldn’t get into what I wanted when I got my degree. I wanted to hit up something in the rap game, promote a few artist coming up around the college campus, but that wasn’t really perculating.

So I tried my hand in the rap game as well releasing a mixtape called “The Buffet.” I got a good response to it people showing me love on my rapping skills. My dumb butt didn’t stick with it. I don’t know why, but guess my love wasn’t really in it.

But come to find out I have a love for the kids, not in a Trick Daddy way. Coaching little league Basketball then eventually getting into High School. I loved and love it so much I do it for free!

We know free ain’t paying no bills, so I went back to school, got my Masters in Public Administration, and began working as a traveling counselor locally. Still, something was missing.

That’s why I started swangingwitbigyum.com because I knew I wanted to have my own brand and eventually online business, but I love talking about things in our culture: rap, society, news, God, relationships, all that. I have a big passion to speak on so much of the things that’s nasty in our world while highlighting the good stuff to.

Anyway I think that’s enough about me. I ain’t trying to talk ya’lls head off. But I hope I said enough where you feel me. Plus I know people don’t really like to read a bunch of text on a screen. Another reason why I’m keeping it short.

As always: Swang wide. Swang wit us. Swanging wit Big Yum.