RPD LV AKA Lac Sr AKA LV Beats Interview with DeShaun Johnson

RPD LV is a polarizing artist who has enjoyed success, hardship, ups, downs, lefts, and rights; almost every facet of what it takes to being a rapper…especially an indie one. And it was his indie grind that I wanted to predominantly capture.

His music is compact with Netflix narratives; story telling embodying urban culture, music industry charades, street conflicts, and personal dilemmas. Listening to Industry Intermission, I didn’t want to end songs prematurely because I honestly felt like I was going to miss something.

I interviewed RPD LV for two reasons:

  1. relatability
  2. the music

In the infamous age of the internet, long gone are the gate keepers, but I often wonder: is this a good thing? While the gate keepers are on the brink of extinction, that means doors have been busted wide open for anyone to come in. It’s almost akin to a hectic store opening–people don’t have to wait in line any longer, but aggressively take what’s theirs or feel is theirs.

Without the gatekeepers filtering the rubbish that anyone produces, it has ironically become more difficult to get your content seen; the noise has gotten louder while the attention span has become a precious asset. It’s basic supply (noise) and demand (attention span) economics 101.

The Good Lord I pray to Him/and He said/”N****s is listening now/So I better have something to say to em -Phonte from “The Minstrel Show”

Question is this: how has RPD LV bubbled above the clutter especially in a crowded Atlanta scene?

Answer is this: work and connections.

RPD LV is a close example to the reality many aspiring artist are living in. He demonstrates how it is necessary for one to have their hand in multiple avenues on a smaller scale because let’s be honest–indie or major, selling music isn’t enough.

This interview captures the entrepreneurial grind and NOT struggle; if you enjoy the grind, how could you possibly feel like you’re struggling?

A graphic artist, rapper, poet, producer, and most importantly businessman, RPD LV knows how to convert a dream into a dollar.

You can preview his albums here through Spotify or visit his website at rpdlv.com.

Industry Intermission released in 2015

Gifted Life released in 2015

S.I.A.H. released in 2016


You can check out his portfolio of work (graphics and music) at his website, rpdlv.com  
rpd graphics

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DeShaun Johnson

DeShaun Johnson puts fingers to the keyboard producing content, stories, and websites roughly at 40 – 60 wpm. You can see his results at dljworks and DeShaun’s Bibliography in addition to this blog. Follow him on Twitter.

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