New Orleans native Kendon Webb aka K-Smooth may have released the hottest EP compilation of the Fall. His debut project has a song for every struggle, vibe, mood, etc… It is definitely something ear worthy and refreshing for the game.

“I created this project to honor the deep love that I have for hip hop/gangsta rap. It has always been special to me, so this project was my effort to put my own stamp on the kind of music that I grew up listening to.” stated Webb.

K-smooth appeared to go all out with bringing together a plethora of artists and producers that meshed well together.

“I have a conglomerate of features ranging from artist from all over. I had the opportunity to work with some up and coming artist like SANCHO SAUCY (Houston), KEVO HENDRICKS (Sony BMG/Indiana), NICK JAGG (Jacksonville, FL), T-RELL (Empire/Kansas), F1504NOLA (New Orleans), HotBoy Nitty (Nashville, TN), Tiny C-Style (Jetlife Recordings/Longbeach, CA), Zulan O’Brien (Jamaica) and some veteran MCs like UTP SKIP and Memphis Legend Project Pat.” explained Webb. Production on the project is largely contributed by a New Orleans rap artist/ producer Mula Mally (Assassination Beatz). He produced NiggaTown (Back down), Eye to Eye, Not Guilty, and WTF. “Switch Up” was produced by B. Hunt and “Gangsta” was produced by Yoady-Yo.”

The intro and outro featured one of Chicago’s top poets in Harold Green. Harold spoke truth from beginning to end.

“I was an absolute honor  to have Harold Green be apart of this project. We attended Granbling State University at the same time, and I’ve always been a big fan of his work. He is a great lyricist and speaker, so for me that was really major in essence. An absolute treat to the listening ear.”

Two of my favorite jams were “Gangsta” and “Not Guilty”, kind of like a gift and a curse huh?

“The “Not Guilty” record came about after I had an email exchange with former No Limit artist MAC, who is currently incarcerated. I reached out to him (MAC) and asked him for advice and for the opportunity to work with him in the event that he is released. It features, Zulan O’ Brien,  Kevo Hendricks, F1504NOLA, PROJECT PAT and myself (K-Smooth). The record is basically an ode to MAC, expressing the injustices that we are plagued by via the judicial system.”

If you haven’t, take a listen to “Crescent City Connection” here:

Download the project here:


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