What it do mayne? Yall been peeping the NBA games so far this season? They have been real interesting. It seems like everyone has a good team right now. Gotta give it up to my mans Paul Millsap and the Atlanta Hawks. So far through 8 games they are 6-2 and handed the defending champions Cleveland Cavaliers their first loss of the season on November 8th. Since Kobe Bryant is gone and Paul is from the city and my next favorite player after Kobe, you can catch me posting  and arguing about him being the GOAT like I did Kobe. So far Millsap is averaging 18 pts, 8 reb, and 4 ast  through 8 games. Those numbers will probably rise even though the Hawks have added Dwight Howard(who is playing extremely well so far, 16 and 12 a game) and the rest of the team like Schroder, Sefolosha, Bazemore and the rest of the team are playing well and contributing a lot to each victory. Peep some of Millsap’s best performances from this season so far as well as his T0p 10 plays of his career.  Enjoy “The 4 Show”. A-T-L. #SWBY


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