Universalism: Is God Really the Same in ALL Religions?

Ye—aahh….I’m going to have to say “No buddy,” to this question.

A similar question was asked in an article challenging the definition of univeraslism–“the view that all persons will be saved,” according to this site post.

“Unfortunately people want tolerance not truth; so we all can ride with coexist rearview-bumper stickers in perfect harmony.” -DeShaun Johnson

I remember in my humanities class back at GSU (Grambling State University) I was first introduced to the prophet Mohammad. When going through his origin, I clearly remember having what I thought to be a profound revelation: “Man, God is the same across the board. It doesn’t matter what religion you’re in. People in different cultures just refer to Him by a different name. We can worship however we want!”

This was circa 2004. I wasn’t a Christian. I didn’t know better.

During the summer, I recently enjoyed a conversation with a well-respected colleague who was studying different types of religions. More so this person was going in on the definition of “Christ” and how it can be applied to pretty much anybody. This person then said something triggering a nostalgic memory: “All religions are the same; they basically worship the same God, but call Him something different.”

This was circa 2016. I am a Christian…and I know better.


I Am…not Universalism

“I am the way, the truth, and the light; no man come to the Father but through me”(John 14:6). From this scripture alone, I can end the article here allowing thoughts to stew. But I will elaborate a bit further.

The aforementioned scripture completely identifies Jesus Christ as the one means of connection to a higher power. Thus He makes Christianity completely exclusive, not inclusive.

I can’t speak for other faiths–I only study and live my own. The connection with my Lord Jesus who speaks on my behalf to the Father (1 Timothy 2:5) gives me all the wisdom and understanding I need to live a fulfilling life.

Dabbling in this religion and that religion to concoct a spiritual stew will only spoil you. And to also think it will help me lose worldly weight to become spiritually skinny is shenanigans.

Don’t get it twisted; a person studying different religions to gain deeper knowledge doesn’t make him or her enlightened.

It makes them worldly. That’s all.


The Bible tells us in 1 John 4:1-6 to try and test every spirit to see if they come from Him. Another scripture that singles out any other possible deity claiming to be God or of Him. Oprah said, “I believe there is more than one way to God,” years ago. But the question becomes whose advice will you follow? Her word or the Word?

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